Government Contract Financing

U.S. Government contracts are unique.  Consequently, providing financing for companies to execute on a U.S. Government contract requires a particular approach and expertise.  Republic Capital Access, well into its second decade, has developed specialized products designed specifically to maximize a contractor’s liquidity in the most affordable and flexible manner.


Benefits unique to Republic (which eliminate hurdles typical of other JV financing arrangements):

  • Eliminate the need to commit capital
  • Eliminate the risk of triggering affiliation rules
  • Eliminate the need for corporate or personal guarantees
  • Eliminate the need to secure existing bank’s approval to finance JV


The government buys vast quantities of products through resellers and small businesses.

Our channel partner finance solution leads to larger, and more frequent, awards for our clients, thus supporting our customer’s long-term growth and providing dynamic value to the distribution chain.

Letters of Financial Capabilities

The U.S. Government is making a concerted effort to award large contracts to small businesses.

Before doing so, Contracting Officers will require all bidders to demonstrate their financial capability to execute the contract.

RCA will provide, at no cost, a financing commitment letter to demonstrate financial capability.

Consequently, our customers have an outstanding track record of growing their businesses by winning out-sized contract awards.